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Some Advice About Writing Letters!

1. Be sensible: We always recommend not to spend a ton of money sending letters. Save some of that money to put towards actually going to MEET the women. If you are going to correspond it is a good idea to modestly write to at least a few different women. If you zero in on just one or two women you may be disappointed. Additionally, you may be surprised where you find some amazing potential chemistry with a woman. By writing to at least a few different women you increase your chances of success! Ultimately, however, letters are only going to get you so far. They are great to open the door and gauge interest, but in the end you have to plan to meet her (see item 6 below). Don't go crazy with letters!

2. Do not place too much emphasis on the woman's photo: We all know that photos can be misleading no matter how good they are. We frequently hear from clients "the women are so much more beautiful than their photos in person". And, of course, occasionally the reverse. However, the former instance is much more frequent than the latter. The point is, that the woman in the photo may look quite different in real life, so don't be too easily discouraged from writing to some of the women whose photos may not look perfect. Also, don't be intimidated by the woman's photos. You may think "Oh, she's too beautiful for me" or "she must be getting hundreds of letters:. First, that's what everyone else is thinking. Second, you may be surprised how few letters many of these women actually receive. It often surprises us. Most of these women are more interested in you as a person, and if you "have a plan" (see item 6 below), than if you have movie star looks. It doesn't hurt to try and see what happens if you see a lady that highly attracts you and you could be compatible with.

3. Read the lady's profile information. This information is there for a reason, you will be wasting your time as well as the lady's by responding to a woman whom you know you will not be compatible with. And her profile can give you topics of discussion and common interests and goals.

4. Include photo(s): Always include a photo(s) of yourself along with your letter. She wants to see a photo of you just like you would want to see a photo of her if the roles were reversed. You want to put your best foot forward just as the women do. You will notice that some women take the time and trouble to go to professional photo studios to have their photos taken (you are free to do the same), or come to our office studios to get nice photos. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression! You will get a better response with at least one photo. DON'T waste your time and money sending inappropriate photos! The women won't appreciate that and our system will block it.

5. Ask questions about her: Asking questions reflects your interest in her and gives the impression that you are a caring person. We're always amazed to see guys writing War and Peace about themselves and never asking a single question about the ladies they are writing to. It makes you appear very self-centered. We understand that perhaps you want to get a lot of information out about yourself for her to gauge her interest, and how nice it is to have someone to communicate with; but to make the best impression and to build her interest in you, be sure to ask her questions in each letter.

6. Have a Plan: Women like a man with a plan! If you are going to correspond with the women, you should have an endgame in mind. Even if you are not sure when it is you are going to be able to go over and see her, if you can at least give her an idea of when you want to go (that will help). Of course, if you know when you are going to be there (maybe you signed up for the Singles Tour to her city), by all means let her know and even set up a date in advance of your arrival. Men WITH A PLAN (even tentative) will get a far better response than men that don't! The women want to know they have at least a chance to meet you in person!

6. The myth about profile numbers: We often get questions about how the woman's profile number correlates to when she was added to the service. There is no correlation of the woman's profile number to any year or date. They are simply assigned sequentially from day one. Any correlation is a coincidence. That said, of course, the lower her profile number the longer she has been a member of the service. But don't let this discourage you from writing ladies with lower profile numbers. We've had many, many women who've participated in our service for 3, 4, even 5+ years and then FINALLY actually meet someone and marry. So it can and does happen. Additionally, our local offices around the world do work to stay in touch with the women in their region to ensure their continued interest in participating. If the woman has lost interest, or possibly has become otherwise involved, we remove her profile from our service. Again, with 40,000 plus active profiles of women worldwide, many of these women simply are not receiving the number of letters (interest) you may think they are - or that they deserve. So be open-minded with their profile numbers when considering writing letters..

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